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Arctic Ice: The Saga Continues

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‘Climate Disruption What Math and Science Have to Say’

“Climate Disruption: What Math and Science Have to Say” is the title and incredibly compelling subject of a talk to be given in San Francisco on 4th March 2013 at the Palace of Fine Arts, 7:30 p.m., local time, by … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Solar Forcing

Hansen, Sato, and Ruedy have another update of global temperature through 2012 available. Their paper demonstrates there was no statistically significant increase or decrease in global temperature since 2010 despite the presence of a strong La Niña. The latter would … Continue reading

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What’s the cheapest way to re-capture human emissions of carbon dioxide from natural reservoirs?

The news on reduction of global greenhouse gas emissions is not good. A famous study (“wedges”) on approaching the enormous problem released a pessimistic update recently, arguing we need many more of them. There is also so much we do … Continue reading

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On the Second Amendment, by the Founder of the Republican Party

Our popular government has often been called an experiment. Two points in it, our people have already settled,–the successful establishing and the successful administering of it. One still remains,–its successful maintenance against a formidable internal attempt to overthrow it. It … Continue reading

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