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“Double Plus Big Data”

Big Data. All the rage. Why? Apart from distributed software folks strutting their stuff, something which is likely to be fleeting, especially when quantum computing comes around, what does it buy anyone? I can see four possibilities, which I consider … Continue reading

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High School Sports versus What High School is For Direct link is:

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“All the water on Earth”: From the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

All the water on Earth. From one of my favorite places, WHOI. Update, 24th March 2014. The United States Geological Survey has a more comprehensive look at this, using in part WHOI graphics.

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“Extratropical storm inundation testbed: Inter-model comparisons in Scituate, Massachusetts”

A new paper, just out, by C. Chen, R. C. Beardsley , R. A Luettich Jr, J. J. Westerink, H. Wang, W. Perrie, Q. Xu, A. S. Donahue, J. Qi, H. Lin, L. Zhao, P. C. Kerr, Y. Meng, B. … Continue reading

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A pox on all your Houses: Posing environmental concerns and science as a modern religion of convenience

In what can only be described as a rush for the rationalist high ground, there’s a sentiment afoot that environmental concerns and concerns regarding climate disruption constitute “a new religion”, one that is, in part, co-opting Christianity. See the references: … Continue reading

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On oceanography

On scientific field work and being nimble ….

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‘Breaking public key encryption using quantum computers’

And a TED Talk about these critters … And a status report … POSTSCRIPT, 19th September 2013. I’m thinking about the hubbub about the Snowden-and-ilk suggestion that the NSA deliberately affected or crafted encryption standards to allow them access to … Continue reading

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“p-values are random variables”

The title of this post is stolen from paper by Duncan Murdoch, Yu-Ling Tsai, and James Adcock which appeared in a 2008 issue of The American Statistician published by the American Statistical Association [August 2008, 62(3), 242-245]. Murdoch also has … Continue reading

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