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A New Take on Suburbia

A New Take on Suburbia. Ironically, political environmentalism exaggerates the degree to which human constructs are separate from Nature, neglecting the degree to which natural systems and forces adapt to human creations as just another niche to be conquered, including … Continue reading

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The ATLAS Boogie

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a preview of things to come

I don’t post here very often, but I thought an audience might like to know what things I am working on. I have a paper in the works regarding the “error in variables” problem, solved from a Bayesian perspective. This … Continue reading

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Kevin Anderson: “Climate Change: Going Beyond Dangerous”

This may be from November 2011, but things have not gotten better. There’s a tad of optimism here. Just a tad.

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“Is Roger Rabbit running AccuWeather?”

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Bayesian Bootstrap

I’m studying the Bayesian bootstrap in the context of finite population sampling for an application where I need to estimate multinomial proportions. While I have used the frequentist bootstrap a lot, it has bothered me that it can never, of … Continue reading

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eleven favorite songs

Al Kooper’s Season of the Witch Jeff Lorber’s Sun Ra Jeff Lorber’s Anthem for a New America Jan Garbarek’s Parce mihi domine Jean Michel Jarre’s Fourth Rendez-vous Dire Strait’s On Every Street Gladstone Anderson & Stranger Cole’s Just Like River … Continue reading

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Nerds vs. Breaking Bad

Very worthwhile to read Okazaki’s Nerds vs. Breaking Bad. I have just watched the first three episodes of this show and I have mixed feelings about it. I’m not giving it a review here but just want to make three … Continue reading

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“Nested Sampling of Radial Velocity Curve”

by Philip Mocz

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Radiative Forcing: Where We Stand

The RealClimate blog has a very nice history of how these have developed today.

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“The universe doesn’t care what you believe”

(Hat tip to Dan’s Wild Wild Science Journal, and thanks to him for reminding me of this great cartoon.)

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