Shepherd skewers “climate zombie theories” …

Title change to fix misspelling.


You know ’em:

  • There’s been no warming for 15 years
  • The Sun’s responsible
  • CO2 is a trace gas in atmosphere and therefore can’t have anything to do with warming
  • It’s been warmer before
  • Climate is changing, but it’s not people
  • Climate is changing, but it won’t be too bad, so it doesn’t matter
  • Climate change happens all the time, so what’s the big deal?
  • Temperature always causes CO2 to increase, never the other way around
  • We can always reduce emissions later, if it proves out that it’s a problem
  • We cannot afford to reduce emissions now, and if we need to mitigate later, that’s not something which has a present day cost
  • The climate models disagree with observations
  • It’s a collectivist conspiracy
  • Loss of Arctic sea ice is an illusion
  • CO2 is increasing, but people have nothing to do with it
  • Climate change as an idea is a…

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