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Houston, forward

For the purposes of this post, let’s pretend climate disruption does not exist (!). Let’s pretend Hurricane Harvey had no climate component, and that Hurricane Harvey was just another, big storm afflicting the fortunes of the U.S. Gulf coast. The … Continue reading

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Unitarians, Dublin, IE

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Harvey, Category 4, 850 mb, EarthWinds

It’s actually rather beautiful:

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`The California way: sunny, with a chance of apocalypse’ (recommended read)

This article at the San Francisco Chronicle is by Jon Christensen. Dystopian scenarios encourage us to act in such a way that the dystopia does not come to be. Professor Christensen has written more recently about this as well. This … Continue reading

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Remaining below the UNFCCC +2°C limit through demand transformation and focus upon agriculture

Some projections of country commitments to the UNFCCC process indicate the +2°C limit will be exceeded, at least without deploying implausible amounts of negative emissions technology. The Rocky Mountain Institute has issued a new report, Positive Disruption which argues that … Continue reading

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On supporting farms with a second stream of income

Kevin Sullivan decided to access the second stream of income from a large solar PV array on his farmland property to help him keep the property profitable. This is popular enough that it’s gotten a name: dual-use. Having just returned … Continue reading

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`The Republican Party is enabling an increasingly dangerous demagogue`: Fallows, at The Atlantic

I don’t often do straight politics or even national concerns here. Some people (you know who you are) think everything I do is political. For example, I had an exchange on Google+ which included as the last post from my … Continue reading

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Amory Lovins, 2008: `Natural Capitalism: The Next Industrial Revolution with Amory Lovins`

An excellent presentation from über successful dropout from Harvard University and Oxford University, Dr Amory Lovins, at University of California at Berkeley:

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Saving the World: Jacobson, Chu, with DiCaprio, at Stanford

(The above video is intended to start at time second 2051 or at 34 minutes. WordPress is sometimes funny about that. Apologies if not.)

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