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On the dominance of the `Demon Haunted World` in the United States

Trump is a symptom. Science … is after the way the Universe really is, and not about what makes us feel good. — Carl Sagan

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`On a piece of chalk` (Thomas Huxley)

If a well were sunk at our feet in the midst of the city of Norwich, the diggers would very soon find themselves at work in that white substance almost too soft to be called rock, with which we are … Continue reading

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On trying to fix Earth without technology and engineering

(Updated 2017-11-30, 00:12 EST) I had my first serious encounter with the stuff of Joanna Macy tonight, via a certain YouTube video. I must say, it was anything but a pleasant experience, filled with claims which were not justified historically, … Continue reading

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`How old is today?` (Carl Safina)

How old is today? light comes from everywhere and from nowhere. The ocean, glittering then vanishing in gauzy vapors, handles us more gently than anyone could have hoped. Snow flurries in and hurries out. Mists veil coasts so raw, so … Continue reading

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And now, from Bonn …

Climate change adds further injustice to an already unfair world. French president Emmanuel Macron And words from another internationalist …

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From NASA, Earth’s Northern Hemisphere Autumn, from orbit

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Eli on “Tom [Karl]’s trick and experimental design“

A very fine post at Eli’s blog for students of statistics, meteorology, and climate (like myself) titled: Tom’s trick and experimental design Excerpt: This and the graph from Menne at the top shows that Karl’s trick is working. Although we … Continue reading

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Boston, in the planning

Climate Ready Boston, from Greening Boston: The Climate Change Preparedness and Resiliency Checklist. Resilience and Adaptation in New England.

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Extreme heat: Milwaukee

See extreme heat. And here’s the video. From Climate Wisconsin. Hat tip to

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