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+10 PV panels! Now at 13.45 kW nameplate capacity

In addition to our 10.0 kW PV generation, we just added an additional 3.45 kW, via 10 additional SunPower X21-345 panels. The new panels are tied to a separate SolarEdge inverter, an SE3800H-US. (The older inverter is an SE10000A-US. The … Continue reading

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typical streamflow series, and immersive Science

What is that impulse in streamflow actually about? How typical is it? How frequently has it happened in past? How often will it reoccur? What are it’s implications for floodplain planning? There’s been a bit of discussion, here and there, … Continue reading

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Leaders (say they) Don’t Know About Lags

Maybe they don’t. Most people don’t. On the other hand, there’s little more to them than understanding skeet, realizing aiming where the clay pigeon is now is a useless tactic for hitting it. Aim where the pigeon will be is … Continue reading

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“The Unchained Goddess”, Bell Science Hour, 1958

A tad nostalgic, for the day where humanity could have stopped a bunch of harm from climate change. Also, although from a STEM perspective, the entire show is worthwhile, only the last seven minutes are pertinent to climate change. Moreover, … Continue reading

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`On Records`

This is a reblog from Eli Rabett, one of the post “On Records”, with additional comments and material from the author-moderator of this blog, A distinguishing mark of a new record in a time series is that it exceeds … Continue reading

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CO2 efficiency as a policy concept

I listened to the following talk, featuring Professor Kevin Anderson, who I have mentioned many times here before: While I continue to be hugely supportive of distributed PV as an energetic and democratic solution, as inspired by John Farrell at … Continue reading

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“One of the most interesting things about the MIP ensembles is that the mean of all the models generally has higher skill than any individual model.” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all models are created equal, that … Continue reading

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