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Consumption: Towards the Trillionth Tonne

(Click on figure to see a larger image. It will open in a new browser tab.) The Trillionth Tonne

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What you need to do

Yes, I know, this is from Orsted, a public company which, primarily, builds offshore wind farms. And, as a result, you out there (which is, frankly, an infinitesimal fraction of the world, because, basically, no one follows me), will critique … Continue reading

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“The trouble with trees” (The Economist)

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What we’ve done and do to ourselves

Who do you think carries most of the burden for fixing the problem? Action. “We have work to do.” (Bill Nye)

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A glimpse of Solar Domination

Hat tip to PV Magazine: B. Frew, W. Cole, P. Denholm, W. Frazier, N. Vincent, R. Margolis, “Sunny with a Chance of Curtailment: Operating the US Grid with very high levels of solar photovoltaics“, (open access) iScience, 21, 22 November … Continue reading

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On why I write this blog

I mused a bit about why I write this blog here.

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“On the road again …”

Suggested citation: Davis, Lucas. “Electrification? We Are Already On The Way“, Berkeley Haas Energy Institute Blog.​ Even without environmental incentives, the United States has moved towards greater electrification. Note, however, that Massachusetts is not numbered amongst the Enlightened.

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