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Phase Plane plots of COVID-19 deaths with uncertainties

I. Introduction. It’s time to fulfill the promise made in “Phase plane plots of COVID-19 deaths“, a blog post from 2nd May 2020, and produce the same with uncertainty clouds about the functional trajectories(*). To begin, here are some assumptions … Continue reading

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Muehlenberg County

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RethinkX update on Wind, Solar, and Storage

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“We will love science and its controversies.”

We will continue, Professor. With all the teachers and professors in France, we will teach history, its glories and its vicissitudes. We will introduce literature, music, all works of soul and spirit. We will love with all our strength the … Continue reading

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“No, COVID-19 Is not the Flu”

Q&A with Andrew Pekosz, PhD, Johns Hopkins University: Q: What would you say to someone who insists to you that COVID-19 is “just the flu”? A: Since December 2019, COVID-19 has killed more people in the U.S. than influenza has … Continue reading

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dead bodies vs economic integrity

From The Financial Times.

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“A Matter of Degrees”

“A Matter of Degrees” is a new climate change mitigation podcast, created and produced by Drs Katharine Wilkinson and Leah Stokes. The first episode, “Give up your climate guilt“, is auspicious. Check it out. Fair disclosure: I have been pretty … Continue reading

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Tesla 3 to Ithaca, NY and back

Claire and I visited my older son, Dave, and partner Mary Ellen in Ithaca, NY, over the weekend. Great trip with Tesla 3, supercharged all the way. Glad we did not go farther afield: An assortment of photos, from sailing … Continue reading

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Für alle ohne maske

h/t Professor Christian Robert.

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Opposing Canadian hydropower, an opposition which supports local renewables?

Ilana Cohen of the Pulitzer prize-winning Inside Climate News reports how some environmental activists in northern New England are concerned about the progress of tapping Canadian hydropower to feed the electrical needs of New England. Opposition is also voiced by … Continue reading

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Solar PV, Agriculture, and Enhancing Pollinator Habitats

How land under solar contributes to food security (Nebraskans for Solar) Farming solar Dual harvest (Hampshire Daily Gazette) Pollinator-friendly solar with bird-friendly buffers (Vermont Audubon)    

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“Charlie, the jogger, the killer, and the journalist” — Xi’an’s Og

I was deeply angered when I heard of this atrocity, to the degree that I had tears in my eyes. It was bad enough when Salman Rushdie had to go into hiding and adopt elusiveness as a lifestyle for the … Continue reading

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“Babbage: Pandemic’s progress”

From at The Economist, a podcast episode: Pandemic’s progress Sep 23 2020 28 mins As the global covid-19 death toll nears 1 million, The Economist’s healthcare correspondent and health policy editor explain what scientists are still investigating about the virus, … Continue reading

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