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The global vegetative biosphere

(Click on figure to see a larger image, and use browser Back Button to return to blog) Data derived in part from SeaWIFS and image is from the NASA Earth Observatory here. Related links: Global Biosphere Global Biosphere over time … Continue reading

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Unitarians, Dublin, IE

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Harvey, Category 4, 850 mb, EarthWinds

It’s actually rather beautiful:

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From China’s emissions glimpsing the peak: (Click graph for a larger figure. Use your browser Back Button to return to blog.) (Click graph for a larger figure. Use your browser Back Button to return to blog.)

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Solar production at Westwood Statistical Studios

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Why decentralized electrical power has to win, no matter what Elon Musk says, and utilities are doomed

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coastal damage: when will they be abandoned?

(Click image for a larger figure.) The graphic is from a story today, on this subject, in the Boston Globe. About the recent model, and that almost unspoken risk.

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carbon dioxide

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double plus ungood

(NOAA urges caution regarding over interpretation of the right edge of this series. They note an abrupt jump in CO2 concentration which they emphasize may be due to an unknown measurement problem. I’m sure they are investigating.)

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November 2013 climate anomalies

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Trenberth, Fasullo, Kiehl, 2009: Earth’s global energy budget

Reference: K. E. Trenberth, J. T. Fasullo, J. Kiehl, “Earth’s global energy budget”, Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 90, 311–323,

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