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ClimateAdam on ClimateJustice


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“The ‘profoundly radical’ message of Earth Day’s first organizer”

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climate model democracy

“One of the most interesting things about the MIP ensembles is that the mean of all the models generally has higher skill than any individual model.” We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all models are created equal, that … Continue reading

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On the recent history of climate

On the recent history of climate science.

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Mayor Robert Hedlund demonstrates awesome moral leadership

Mayor Robert Hedlund demonstrates awesome moral leadership Here’s Mayor Hedlund’s statement from his Facebook page: As State Senator, I fought and opposed Spectra’s proposed compressor station in North Weymouth. As Mayor, I took a hard and proactive stance in opposition … Continue reading

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2013 Continued Long-Term Warming Trend

2013 Continued Long-Term Warming Trend.

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“On the Lyapunov function for complex-balanced mass-action systems”

“On the Lyapunov function for complex-balanced mass-action systems” Hat tip to the Azimuth Project and thanks to Manoj Gopalkrishnan for this interesting article.

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