Global Sea Level Rise by NASA Satellite since 1993

Y’know those NASA satellites Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is so proud to tell us say that there’s been no warming of Earth in 18 years? Well, that’s wrong, of course, but it’s the same organization and the same kinds of satellites in any case. The same ones also say that global sea levels have risen 6.1 centimeters (about 2.4 inches) since 1993, and sea level is rising globally 3 millimeters per year. So, in ten years it will have risen just under a decimeter since 1993.
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And the data says it is accelerating in its rate. And some locations, like the Northeast USA, and Boston, and eastern Asian coastlines, will see rates and amounts which well exceed the global mean.
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Update, 3rd November 2015

The Green Man has a fantastic update about Antarctic ice mass including comments from Professor Richard Alley at his blog today.

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