“Why we’re here”, from Dr Larry Peterson on the JOIDES Resolution

Dr Larry Peterson, reporting from Expedition 346 of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP), on “Why we’re here”. Quote in part:

The present is the key to the past. This simple statement is one of the axioms of geology, first articulated in the late 18th century as geology was developing as a science. It simply says that we can understand our Earth and its history by understanding how our world works today, and then applying those principles of interpretation to such storehouses of information as rocks, sediments, ice and other natural archives.

Incidently, the JOIDES Resolution is some ship! For one thing, it’s big for a seagoing research vessel. (See it’s specifications.) That’s primarily because it is a drilling ship.

You can follow their current expedition, and, if you are a teacher, connect your students with scientists on board.

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