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See Retired data scientist and statistician. Now working projects in quantitative ecology and, specifically, phenology of Bryophyta and technical methods for their study.

Vineyard Sound, Rhode Island Sound, August, 2021

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Last ICE car gone from our ownership

Welcome to our new 2022 Nissan LEAF SV Plus! Still need to pick a name for it …. Our Tesla 3 is called “Greta.” I was thinking of “Svante” but Claire thought that was too obscure. Our Nissan dealer is … Continue reading

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Jeremy Grantham credits Greta Thunberg and XR for pressuring governments to finally do something to cut emissions

The Energy Transition Show with Chris Nelder has recently become my favorite podcast. I eagerly await each new episode and, as a paying subscriber, I enjoy the delightfully long and geeky assessments, analyses, and opinions from really stellar guests. There … Continue reading

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ASES Webinar: Educating and Inspiring the Inclusion of Solar Energy for Homeowners

From the American Solar Energy Society … 29th September 2020 Register here.

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James O’Brien changes his mind : XR is changing minds!

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Climate Change and Extreme Weather Linked in U.N. Climate Report

Source: Climate Change and Extreme Weather Linked in U.N. Climate Report

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Youth Climate Anthem: “Long Forgotten Road”

The song was written by Scilla Hess, Ellie Wyatt,  and Jonathan Owes-Yianomah: LYRICS Welcome to the world Every boy, every girl This is your life your big adventure and your ticket is free they send you to school they’re gonna teach … Continue reading

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Biomes are too dynamic and intertwingled to be managed with simple political slogans: The case of Gnetum luofuense

Corners of the Environmentalist Establishment voice shrieks regarding what they call a biodiversity emergency, prompting even skilled journalists to claim the trend poses “as great a risk to humanity as climate change.” We went through the “insect apocalypse” fiasco, which … Continue reading

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safest form of energy

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“100 % renewables is possible, here’s how”

zentouro and Raya Salter look at The Question, beginning with the work of Professor Mark Z Jacobson of Stanford University and colleagues. The report to which they refer is now summarized in a book by Professor Mark Z Jacobson. I’ve … Continue reading

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We Are Here

This is written from the perspective of New England, particularly southern New England, but the argument made by these charts is a bounding one. Namely, as CleanTechnica the original source of the story noted, “Germany has solar resources comparable to … Continue reading

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Discordant harmonies in views of natural systems by The Sierra Club and others

This essay was first publish at the blog of the Green Congregation Committee, First Parish in Needham, on the Parish Realm Web site and communications board. The views obviously are those only of its author, not of First Parish or … Continue reading

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2019, and big fossil fuel companies and their utility companies learn to encourage suburban friends

Can we send the bills for additional weather and flood insurance to people who oppose zero Carbon energy facilities? Any environmental organization whose policy inhibits or prohibits solar development wherever it can be … Continue reading

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Cladonia coniocraea in a field of Polytrichum juniperinum

Cladonia coniocraea is a lichen. Polytrichum juniperinum is an acrocarp moss. In any case they are beautiful. Full size is available by right-clicking the image and electing “open image in new tab.” Try it. It’s worth it.

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These are not “climate activists” …

… They are not even “environmentalists.” (Updated 2nd August 2021.) Case 1. Case 2. Case 3. Case 4. The claim that in our present place of climate disruption we have the luxury of choosing how we eliminate emissions of greenhouse … Continue reading

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Net Zero: Nature doesn’t count?

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Jeff wins the Adams Prize

My son, Jeff, is Professor of Mathematics, University College London. The Adams Prize is described here, and here on Wikipedia. It’s a Big Deal. To quote the description of it from the University of Cambridge: The Adams Prize is one … Continue reading

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Video Evidence

“Telling the truth shouldn’t be hard.” And yet, in my experience as an engineer in corporate America, for many people it is. For many people, they are willing to bend, gloss, distort, confuse, obfuscate, and lie if their income and … Continue reading

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But there IS a Carbon price already imposed

The New York Times Magazine has a good article on the difficulty of imposing what most economists see as the best way to fix emissions and climate disruption: Putting a price on them. They go back and forth between the … Continue reading

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Moss Evolution

A lecture by Professor Ralf Reski.

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“Humanity’s final exam” : Professors Pierrehumbert and Moomaw

So, two uplifting videos for today. These are ones I watched some time ago, but I never made a semi-permanent place for them. They are important. There most certainly is a climate emergency. But it really is not that hard … Continue reading

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Temperate zone floods in China

(Updated 21st July 2021) Main link. h/t to Peter Sinclair’s Climate Denial Crock of the Week. Long Term Persistence, eh? Uh, huh. Update 21st July 2021 Somini Sengupta at The New York Times updates her weekend piece “‘No One Is … Continue reading

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CBAM, Carbon Tariffs, and Waste Reduction (Paul Krugman)

Professor Paul Krugman of The New York Times has what in my opinon is a great economics op-ed in today’s paper, one called “Wonking Out: Two Cheers for Carbon Tariffs.” He explains how Carbon Tariffs and Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanisms … Continue reading

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Why I Retired

Today’s New York Times contains an article “For Some People, Working from Home Sped Up their Decision to Retire“, by Paul Sullivan. I also retired in 2020. But my motivation was quite different. Unlike many people, I had the option … Continue reading

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Yeah but …

(Due to broad interest in this subject and my post, I have extensively expanded it on Monday, 12th July 2021. Also, Canary Media carried a story from #EnergyTwitter about the New York Times article which is worth looking at. I’ve … Continue reading

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People opposing wind, solar, and battery placement deserve the climate disruption they will reap, without my sympathies

That was 2011. And note the opposition to putting PV on roofs, let alone putting panels on already cleared agricultural fields. Yeah, all well and good, but we’re on a clock. Whether or not the climate system will wait for … Continue reading

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(About the Greta Thunberg address posted here a day ago)

I had linked what I thought was a YouTube recording of Greta Thunberg addressing the Austrian World Summit in this blog post. Well, apparently either someone substituted a different video for the talk or edited or cracked it so Ms … Continue reading

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Statistics taught by posing it in terms of specific problems. Excellent.

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