videos of the week, the blocking pattern edition

(This is another new, weekly feature, like the 8:00 a.m. mashup recently introduced, intending to collect a group of videos together for your enjoyment.)

Don’t know how many realize it or not, but New England weather is blocked. That’s why it’s been wet and cool for so long. RobertScribbler has a nice overview.
Dr Francis spoke on this (again) in 2015:

Abstract for the above is available here. She’s using self-organizing maps, a machine learning technique, to help identify blocking patterns. Dr Francis and co-author Dr Natasa Skific wrote about these back in 2012.

Karl Ragabo is a solar energy analyst I’ve recently encountered. Here’s a revealing interview with him, from 2013:

I presented a lecture by him earlier.

I wasn’t this paranoid about it before, but when both Elon Musk and Bill McKibben call for a “revolt against the fossil fuel industry”, somethin’s goin’ on.

And here’s some evidence for a sort of conspiracy:

It’s plausible. The Koch brothers worked with funds and public manipulation to kill Cape Wind.

And if I were them, I would be scared. Globally, solar energy is seeing exponential growth.

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