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Source: Akamai’s Network to Be Powered by the Sun and the Wind – The Akamai Blog


Beyond sustainability stewardship, the business case is not so much about locking in fixed energy pricing. It’s about anticipating the market trend. Clean-powered, low-carbon content delivery is a differentiating feature desired by an expanding segment of our customer base. Over the past decade, there’s been a strong trend among the Fortune 500 towards more sustainable operations, reducing waste and pollution, increasing energy efficiency, and more recently, decarbonizing energy. By 2013, sixty percent of the Fortune 100 had set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and buy clean energy … The world is going clean and green, and we want to help it go faster forward with a low-carbon-powered global delivery network.

… There are many ways to procure renewable energy but we wanted to make sure that our investment would make a difference …

… [W]e established a set of guiding principles:

  1. Our investment should make an impact, putting more renewable energy electrons on the grid.
  2. The renewable energy generation should be co-located in the same power market as our operations, so we are adding renewable electrons to the same grid from which our operations draw electrons.
  3. Our procurement strategy should pass muster with our customers, truly augmenting their supply chain-sustainability efforts.

… [I]n the regions where we are targeting renewable energy projects, like California, for example.

… [W]e believe that there will soon be similar opportunities for renewables procurement outside the U.S., so we can begin to globalize our impact and accelerate decarbonization. No one said this would be easy, or that we would have all the answers at the start. That’s why it’s called a commitment. That’s why this needs to be a global, collaborative effort.

Emphasis added in edit. See original post for context and discussion of the financial mechanism whereby this will happen.

More press about the announcement.

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