SolarIMPULSE: The Atlantic crossing

Controls panel monitoring.

Best of luck to pilot Bertrand Piccard and the entire SolarIMPULSE team!

Update, 1253 EDT, 20th June 2016

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Update, 1407 EDT, 20th June 2016

In addition to winds, some difficulties with Oxygen flow, although Bertrand Piccard is using a backup, and he reports there are clouds to the southeast.

Update, 1748 EDT, 20th June 2016

The weather pattern over the Atlantic has changed, and there is a low pressure “nor’easter” moving up the coast. I have not followed the flight consistently, but it looks like SolarIMPULSE is being apparently being diverted to a landing in Nova Scotia. It’s possible that they may try to skirt the weather and try to push on. Not clear at the moment what they intend. They probably are avoiding a premature commitment to an end. They can retract their request for landing clearance to Moncton Center later.

SolarIMPULSE has cancelled a request for approach and is pushing on into the night, continuing its crossing of the Atlantic.

Weather at 850 hPa:

At 1000 hPa:

At surface:

And SolarIMPULSE is presently flying in clouds.

Approximate current location:

Update, 2016-06-20, 20:16 EDT

SolarIMPULSE is continuing its trans-Atlantic flight, dodging developing weather to its southwest. It is being acquired by Gandar, Newfoundland. It’s present location:

Update, 2016-06-21, 11:06 EDT

Through the night! Now east of St John’s, Newfoundland, and south of Greenland:

Update, 2016-06-23, 01:38 EDT

SolarIMPULSE arrives in Seville, Spain!

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