NextGen VOICES: `On data’, `On setbacks’, and `On discovery’

Science Magazine has a periodic column called Science in brief and occasionally that column features a set of what they call “NextGen VOICES”, meaning young scientists. They gather the survey using Twitter (of course) via the hashtag #NextGenSci. For the week of 1st July 2016, Science asked:

In April, we asked young scientists to use exactly six words to create a story about the life of a scientist in your field. We received almost 400 responses, some frustrated, some inspiring, some humorous, and all describing a life unique to a scientist. We have printed some of the most interesting responses here.

Here are some excerpts, from topics of interest to me.

On data

Big data! Clean: No statistical power.
Abhishek Noroula, Bioinformatics, Sweden

Data overload: Juggling balls, many fall.
Noa Sher, Cell Therapy, Israel

P equals 0.051? Repeat? Abandon? Bayes?
Rosa Li, Psychology and Neurosciences, USA

On setbacks

Mice eaten by cats, graduation delayed.
Chenggang Yan, Intelligent Information Processing, China

Exciting new result! No … coding mistake.
Frank X. Vasquez, Chemistry, USA

Results were promising, until they weren’t.
David Edward Gilbert, Energy and Evnrionmental Genomics, USA

On discovery

Scientist,looking closely, mistakenly finds truth.
Joshua Isaac James, Digital Forensic Science, South Korea

About ecoquant

See Retired data scientist and statistician. Now working projects in quantitative ecology and, specifically, phenology of Bryophyta and technical methods for their study.
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