Painted signage on the side of a delivery truck parked outside a neighbor’s home deliverying oil made me curious about this, so I checked out their Web site.

Here is what I found:
(To see larger figure, click on image and user browser Back Button to return to blog.)

I have heavily censored the image from the page to leave out the company name and trademarked references to products, and I will not provide a direct link to the Web site.

Note in particular the need for a reader of the page to be careful and critical with its statements:

  • “A mixture of heating oil and biofuels …” While the proportion is not specified, the advert later appeals to the language of the Massachusetts Clean Energy Biofuels Act to suggest there is 5% biofuel in this product. A search on the Web for the product, which unfortunately I cannot link, again to protect a trademark, indicates there are three grades of this product, and the highest grade has no more than 20% biofuel.
  • “… [I]s chock full of benefits! … [M]ade from soybeans (and other renewable resources) …” Blather.
  • It … significantly reduces particulates and greenhouse gases that lead to global warming. Sorry, this is a flat out lie. It’s oil. It cannot. Even natural gas is cleaner.
  • “… [I]s extremely pleased to deliver this environmentally-friendly product to you.” No doubt.

What’s next? Environmentally friendly DDT?

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See Retired data scientist and statistician. Now working projects in quantitative ecology and, specifically, phenology of Bryophyta and technical methods for their study.
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