Deloitte: The drumbeats for the extinction of utilities have begun

Deloitte Resources 2017 Study — Energy management: Sustainability and progress.

From The Economist, 25th February 2017:

FROM his office window, Philipp Schröder points out over the Bavarian countryside and issues a Bond villain’s laugh: “In front of you, you can see the death of the conventional utility, all financed by Mr and Mrs Schmidt. It’s a beautiful sight.”

Microgrids where the Big Grids don’t go.

Why microgrids.

Update, 2017-09-14

Quote from Brian Bentz, CEO of Canadian electricity provider Alectra Utilities:

Someone’s going to cannibalize our business — it may as well be us. Someone’s going to eat our lunch. They’re lining up to do it. I think repositioning, redefining the grid from what it is as sort of a passive purveyor of energy to one that is an enabler of transactive energy at the grassroots level is a much more sustainable, profitable strategy.

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