“Pelosi won, Trump lost”

U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks to reporters after she was re-elected to her post on Capitol Hill in Washington

From Alex Wagner, contributing editor at The Atlantic and CBS News correspondent. Excerpt from “Pelosi won, Trump Lost“:

“Nancy’s Prerogative” might be the name of an Irish bar, but in this case it signaled the waving of the presidential white flag, a fairly shocking thing to see on any war front. Trump’s pugilistic impulses, after all, have been virtually unchecked—especially these days, when he is without administration minders. But Pelosi has rendered Trump unable to employ his traditional weaponry. He couldn’t even muster the juju necessary to formulate that most Trumpian of Trump battle strategies, a demeaning nickname. “Nancy Pelosi, or Nancy, as I call her,” Trump said on Wednesday, “doesn’t want to hear the truth.”


Trump has intersected with powerful women before — Hillary Clinton, most notably — and showed little hesitation to diminish and demean. But Pelosi, who once joked to me she eats nails for breakfast, is a ready warrior. She is happy to meet the demands of war, whereas Clinton was reluctant, semi-disgusted, and annoyed to be dragged to the depths that running against Trump demanded. The speaker of the House is, technically, a coastal elite from San Francisco, but she was trained in the hurly-burly of machine politics of Baltimore by her father, Mayor Thomas D’Alesandro. It is not a coincidence that Pelosi has managed, over and over, to vanquish her rivals in the challenges for Democratic leadership: she flocks to the fight, not just because she usually wins, but apparently because she likes it.

Read it, particularly the quote from former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res, repeated from The New York Times.

There is a similar article at The Washington Post by Jennifer Rubin titled “Trump lost. Period.”

U.S. President Donald Trump listens to remarks at a discussion on School Safety Report at the White House in Washington


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