Got ya!

Non-Tesla drivers seem not to know (or care?) that because of the capability to do self-driving, all Teslas have a constellation of cameras all about the vehicle. These not only operate while driving, they also monitor activity about Teslas when they are parked, and record extra footage whenever anything approaches the car. They also have some, ahem, creative anti-theft devices built in.

Well, I was returning from a grocery pick up this afternoon in our Tesla Model 3, using the curbside pickup service of Roche Brothers in West Roxbury, MA. Along Route 109 where it crosses Interstate 95, I moved into the right lane, since in Westwood, the left lane drops off. I was not really intending to pass the vehicle I did on the right. It’s just the speed I was going and the speed it was going. However, a little drama ensued as you can see below. This was grabbed off the recording of the Tesla dashcam.

I annotated the license plate, but it zips by pretty fast, so I grabbed it.

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