Representative Deb Haaland, confirmed as Secretary of Interior

(Deb Haaland atop a wind turbine. Credit: Representative Deb Haaland, via Twitter.)

Representative Deb Haaland, member of the Laguna Pueblo Nation, was confirmed as Secretary of Interior. The feelings of happiness which washed over me are too much to describe.

I acknowledge the land in which I am blessed and privileged to reside, that of the Massachusett Tribe at Ponkapoag who have taken care of them as best they could, until the invasion. (See also.)

I celebrate by offering a dance celebration from the Wampanoag Nation, neighbors of the Massachusett Tribe at Ponkapoag.

And, then, a video sketch and capture of Wampanoag Day at Aptucxet:

I quote Timothy Otis Fuller at this time from the top right of my blog pages, saying in his 1886 “A Sketch of the Flora of Needham”:

“Linnaeus, letting fall his hand on a bunch of Moss at his side, exclaimed, ‘Underneath this palm is material for the study of a lifetime’; and if this is true of a handful of Moss, the treasures of a township must be inexhaustible. We need not seek for new worlds to conquer.

They might need not, but Europeans, in their deep ignorance and to their shame, did. And to the very limited degree I can, I bow to Buddha and ask forgiveness, of the Massachusett, the Wampanoag, the Haudenosaunee, whose land I was privileged to reside upon, cherish, and learn of their history for 40 years, and all First Nations, indigenous people who my ancestors so aggrievedly harmed.

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