Climate Change and Solar Forcing

Hansen, Sato, and Ruedy have another update of global temperature through 2012 available. Their paper demonstrates there was no statistically significant increase or decrease in global temperature since 2010 despite the presence of a strong La Niña. The latter would be expected to cause temperatures to decrease. This is similar to the global mean temperatures in the 1990-1995 period.

Note that global mean temperature is not the same as regional temperatures, and several regions on Earth saw continuing excursions. Consult Hansen, Sato, and Ruedy for additional figures showing these.

Of interest and highlighted here are temperature profiles for the last few decades and its contrast with both solar irradiance or forcing and solar sunspot numbers. In short, there has been no increase in solar irradiance or solar forcing, and the sunspot numbers of the last cycle were actually lower than the past few. See below the graphs and images from Hansen, Sato, and Ruedy pertaining to these.



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