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David Wallace Wells …The Uninhabitable Earth and its implications

Think of this in the context of whatever investments you have.

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Climate Facts from James Hansen and Makiko Sato Ahead of COP26

From the newsletter of 14th October 2021: Left are greenhouse gas emissions in 2018, and right are cumulative greenhouse gas emissions, 1751-2018. Don’t think it’s China. Prior COPs have been characterized by self-delusion so blatant that one of us (JEH) … Continue reading

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Climate Scientist Michael Mann

Professor Michael Mann is a personal hero of mine, principally because he connected, for me, the world of time series and principal components with climate science, showing there might be some small thing I can contribute to the discussion, and … Continue reading

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Are we making the argument harder than we have to?

Sure, correlation is not causation, but it is causation if there’s independent physical evidence that there is a link. And we have plenty of that. Much of the doubt and discussion these days is about attribution of surface warming to … Continue reading

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More than you ever wanted to know about carbon dioxide

Bob Henson conveys key features of carbon dioxide at the recent crossing of a measurement series past the 400 parts-per-million point. Hat tip to the ever interesting Wild Weather Dan, Dr Dan Satterfield, for the link. Incidentally, the “667 per … Continue reading

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Powerful and Proper Time Series Statistics

I hadn’t gotten around to reading Mark Richardson’s “New study by Skeptical Science author finds 100% of atmospheric CO2 rise is man-made” until this afternoon. I find its import, along with fellow commentators Masters and Benestad, to be on the … Continue reading

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Forward On The Climate rally, D.C., National Mall, 17th February 2013.

Be there. Details available at the Sierra Club site: Forward On The Climate.

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Destabilization of the Ilulissat Glacier in Western Greenland

From Dr Dave Petley’s The Landslide Blog at the American Geophysical Union, the collapse of the Illulissat Glacier in Greenland. Amazing stuff. When things fail at this scale, you can see mathematics come to life. The volume of the ice collapsing … Continue reading

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Arctic Ice: The Saga Continues

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‘Climate Disruption What Math and Science Have to Say’

Updated, 2018-12-24, 01:11 ET “Climate Disruption: What Math and Science Have to Say” is the title and incredibly compelling subject of a talk to be given in San Francisco on 4th March 2013 at the Palace of Fine Arts, 7:30 … Continue reading

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Climate Change and Solar Forcing

Hansen, Sato, and Ruedy have another update of global temperature through 2012 available. Their paper demonstrates there was no statistically significant increase or decrease in global temperature since 2010 despite the presence of a strong La Niña. The latter would … Continue reading

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