Forward on the Climate

So I’m on a red-eye train, Amtrak 67, heading from Boston to D.C. to participate in the Forward on the Climate rally later today.

I’m technically representing the Unitarian Universalist Area Church in Sherborn, MA and all the wonderful people in our congregation. I am a rational atheist, by the way. Perhaps more on that someday, later.

But I am also a numerical scientist and quantitative engineer, for I do feel it is very important for people with my kinds of skills to speak out and take a stand. We are, after all, many of those who help find and drill and manage fossil fuels. I don’t, but the same kinds of computations and algorithms I use for Internet research are thus applied.

I feel it key to follow the sentiments so aptly expressed by James Wells, for my kids, for all kids, and theirs.

What will we achieve? We will make a great big, happy noise, so public will notice but for a moment. I can anticipate CNN now, if they cover it: Global warming in 32 degrees with 19 degree wind chill …..

There will be atheists there, and scientists, and UUs, and Jews, and Catholics, and Congregationslists, and Methodists …. This will be our service today …. on the National Mall.

I will listen and shout and groove to the music. I’ll be among UUs from all across this great land. I’ll think about what to say and do, hoe to teach and listen when I get home. But I cannot help but remember and admire and whisper thanks to the dedicated and brave women and men, scientists and crew, who head to seas and polar regions in ships, over great waves and winds, to bring back tales and data of how Earth is changing, warning us, those of Woods Hole Oceanographic, and Scripps, and others. And I hope that will bring the humility it should.

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  1. Dianna Vosburg says:

    Thank you for representing us, Jan. I look forward to a full report upon your return.

  2. lpjsmom says:

    Baby, you’re the best

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