eleven favorite songs

  • Al Kooper’s Season of the Witch
  • Jeff Lorber’s Sun Ra
  • Jeff Lorber’s Anthem for a New America
  • Jan Garbarek’s Parce mihi domine
  • Jean Michel Jarre’s Fourth Rendez-vous
  • Dire Strait’s On Every Street
  • Gladstone Anderson & Stranger Cole’s Just Like River
  • Joshua Messick’s version of In Dreams from the epic movie, The Lord of the Rings
  • Mannheim Steamroller’s Reflection, from Mannheim Meets the Mouse
  • Jon Schmidt’s Pachelbel Meets U2
  • Ray Bauduc’s Big Noise From Winnetka

No doubt, the time invested in doing this is governed by a \mathcal{G}(10, 0.5).

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