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The organization, the artists, and the gallery of shame.

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The Art and Science of Stefan Rahmstorf

Updated, 21st September 2015 I particularly like the last scene from TDAT. James Hansen and Makiko Sato have an update titled “Predictions Implicit in ‘Ice Melt’ Paper and Global Implications”. WHOI has studied the Irminger Sea and continues the study … Continue reading

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Excellent. With musings on religion and mass extinctions.

And sometimes, just sometimes, I can feel the same way about some religions. Now, it’s not that many aren’t doing good, and many aren’t getting people to realize that we have painted ourselves deeply into a climate corner, but it … Continue reading

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Codium fragile, for Saturday, 17th January 2015

With today’s post, I’m beginning a new tradition at 667 per cm, posting a potpourri of short observations collected during the week, not necessarily having dense citations to work which inspired them. (Although if interested, please do ask and I’ll … Continue reading

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“It’ll be okay: Trust me”, redux

Professor Steven Koonin offers up another dollop of vague, specious criticism of climate science in his editorial in The Wall Street Journal. He is credentialed, no doubt authoritative. But compelling arguments for a position should be judged as if the … Continue reading

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Mr.Chose José, a little rough, but we need rough

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eleven favorite songs

Al Kooper’s Season of the Witch Jeff Lorber’s Sun Ra Jeff Lorber’s Anthem for a New America Jan Garbarek’s Parce mihi domine Jean Michel Jarre’s Fourth Rendez-vous Dire Strait’s On Every Street Gladstone Anderson & Stranger Cole’s Just Like River … Continue reading

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