Science Advisor Holdren gives a nice overview of Arctic Amplification

White House Science Advisor Dr John Holdren came out with a nice overview of Arctic amplification, something blogged about here, and associated with many students of climate and meteorology, but especially Rutgers University Professor Jennifer Francis.

Postscript, 2014-01-08, 1849 ET: Dr Dan Satterfield observes: “Extremely badly written article. The Rossby waves have slowed but the jet stream is at near record levels. I saw nearly 200 knots yesterday crossing the Atlantic. Unusually poor writing from New Scientist.” He’s referring to an article in New Scientist which attributed tosses of the polar vortex to the lower-mid North American region to jet stream activity, something I posted at his fine blog.

Postscript, 2014-01-11, 1406 ET: Dr Steve Tracton of The Capitol Weather Gang at the Washington Post talks Arctic amplification and North Atlantic Oscillation (“NAO”) in a post from Christmas Eve.

Postscript, 2014-01-16, 1140 ET: Two more pieces on this subject, another by Dan Satterfield, specifically requested of him by the AGU, and one by Dr Bob Henson of NCAR.


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