The Koch brothers are afraid, very afraid … and should be

And, accordingly, the Koch brothers are turning their attention to spreading misinformation about solar power, through their Taxpayers Protection Alliance, which is publishing silly stuff in things like a report, Filling the Solar Sinkhole. See the link, from the Solar Energy Industry Association for what and why, including the exaggerated amounts of “subsidies”. Fossil fuels receive enormous subsidies from the federal government and from states. Still do.

As I’ve written before, I would be very happy to have all subsidies withdrawn from both fossil fuels and solar and have them compete. I’m sure solar would win. In fact, solar will crush fossil fuels whether there are subsidies or not. It’s just that without them it will take longer. And we don’t have the time for such games.

I think the Koch brothers would do better to worry about other things, such as legal liability for fraud and violations of SEC rules because of their funding campaigns deliberately misleading the public, and, indirectly, their shareholders, whether on this, on climate disruption, or regarding Cape Wind.

Update, 17th October 2015, 18:55 ET

Roger Ballentine, president of Green Strategies, inc, says, with respect to energy in the United States and elsewhere, and the relationship between energy providers and consumers, “The Barbarians are at the Gate. Please Show them In.

Update, 18th October 2015, 17:28 ET


That’s from The graph shows unsubsidized costs.

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