BUPCUS: Westwood, MA

From Interfaith Power and Light, about Westwood, MA:

Westwood town leaders have stated that many people who were never familiar with photovoltaic systems are now more knowledgeable about the technology. Specifically, the town building inspector and wiring inspector became involved in the project are now familiar with PV. The town [S]electmen (board of elected officials) have a new understanding of PV and can use this knowledge in planning for the community. Finally, the town is happy to report that the local environmental community is very pleased that their town has taken steps towards a sustainable future. Figure 5 shows a community gathering in front of First Parish Church.

The “local environmental community”?? Yeah, who? Surely not me.


Where were these so-called environmentally sensitive Selectmen opposing Spectra-Algonquin pipelines through the Town?

Where where these so-called environmentally sensitive Selectmen in encouraging community solar in the Town?

And where where these so-called environmentally sensitive Selectmen in properly considering storm water management in the treatment of their favorite project, the University Station development?

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