Massachusetts Solar Suburbs (a Google group)

I have just created the Massachusetts Solar Suburbs Google group.

It’s Welcome Message reads:

Welcome to the Massachusetts Solar Suburbs!

This group exists to provide a forum for owners of solar installations, typically residential, or serving residences, to share their experiences, compare notes, and work together to advance adoption of solar energy in the suburbs of Massachusetts, whether by power purchase agreements, leasing solar panels, owning solar panels, having a partnership interest in a solar farm, or contracting to obtain power from other solar installations in Massachusetts.

This is a moderated Web forum, although members can receive notices of posts.

While the moderator expects many will seek to pursue solar installations for environmental reasons, notably, helping to forestall climate disruption, there are many excellent other reasons for doing solar, ranging from the financial motivations, with or without federal and state incentives, seeking to be self-sufficient in energy, and working to minimize the authority which the state and large corporate monopolies, such as utility companies, have over individuals, families, neighborhoods, and towns.

All with these interests are welcome. A civilized discussion will be expected.

Debates about climate change should be taken elsewhere (recommendation in the link).

People who don’t have solar installations but are curious, interested, or are seeking advice are welcome. Note, for legal and risk reasons, no one here can give you personal advice regarding taxes and credits. Seek your own accountant for that kind of information.

Thank you for your interest, and WELCOME!

About ecoquant

See Retired data scientist and statistician. Now working projects in quantitative ecology and, specifically, phenology of Bryophyta and technical methods for their study.
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