Dramatis personæ: How to do zero Carbon emissions at a residence (Westwood, MA)

Updated, 1st October 2019

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Our external meter is now reading negative.

Peak was 2850 in April 2016. Solar panels were grid connected on 31st December 2015.

Now, and for the last couple of months, our electric bill has been negative:

This is the trend heading to zero on the meter, including a calculation of household electricity consumption. We heat with electricity, heat hot water with electricity, and have an induction stove:


Air source heat pumps for heating and cooling:

You can find the latest on these systems here. We have models ASU12RLF, AUU12RLF, ASU9RLF.








Air source hot water heater (General Electric):


And, of course, 29 SunPower PV panels installed by RevoluSun:

So far we’re generated 6.6 megawatt-hours:





Our inverter:

And this is the oil heating system we orphaned to do this:

Update: 2017-05-26

We have leased a Chevy Volt, and received a bounty from Massachusetts for doing so.

Update, 1st October 2019

The Chevy Volt has very recently been replaced by a Tesla Model 3. The figures above don’t reflect what the Model 3 is doing to our electricity needs. I’ll post an update once we have a half year or so of data.

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