Our Nisse and his porridge, 24th December 2017

I celebrate a Norwegian custom, honoring the Nisse of the house and land on Christmas eve. (Swedish tomte.) While we don’t have a farm, Claire and I are avid environmentalists, my being such since 1971. So, any being who cares for animals and seems to have a long, natural life is an ally. So …

  • Porridge. Check.
  • Butter on porridge. Check.
  • Glass of ale. Check.

Yes, I’m an atheist, a physical materialist, and a member of a Unitarian Universalist congregation, member of the UU Humanists Society, but, still, there are the Nissen, and I applaud them! What’s rational about Nissen Culture! Also, I think panpsychism makes a bit of sense, and am a bit of a Platonist, at least with respect to mathematical forms.

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