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My LinkedIn account

By the way, I often post smaller things and comment upon them, typically items having to do with economic, financial, business, or solid waste management matters, at my site on LinkedIn.

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(thought of the day)

One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions. — Grace Murray Hopper Hat tip to Pat’s blog.

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(repost) How the recent New England cold snap and nor’easter did not cause natural gas prices to spike

I wrote a piece a bit back about the volatility in natural gas prices. These were seized upon by proponents of natural gas pipelines, whether Gordon von Welie from ISO-NE, to various representatives of petroleum and power generators councils, or … Continue reading

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From Xian’s blog, “drivers are not interested in maths formulas”

via drivers are not interested in maths formulas

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Worthy of watching So, what say you? Why should Professor Chomsky should not be believed? Why and what evidence proves, nay, even suggests he’s other than spot on?

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Our Nisse and his porridge, 24th December 2017

I celebrate a Norwegian custom, honoring the Nisse of the house and land on Christmas eve. (Swedish tomte.) While we don’t have a farm, Claire and I are avid environmentalists, my being such since 1971. So, any being who cares … Continue reading

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From NASA, Earth’s Northern Hemisphere Autumn, from orbit

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Harvey, Category 4, 850 mb, EarthWinds

It’s actually rather beautiful:

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Remaining below the UNFCCC +2°C limit through demand transformation and focus upon agriculture

Some projections of country commitments to the UNFCCC process indicate the +2°C limit will be exceeded, at least without deploying implausible amounts of negative emissions technology. The Rocky Mountain Institute has issued a new report, Positive Disruption which argues that … Continue reading

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Carbon Worshipers and Worship

Originally posted on Hypergeometric :
There’s agitation and angst in some circles regarding the proper term to dub individuals who, however technical their training, reject the conclusions of climate science, physics, and even Exxon from the 1970s. (Graphs are from Greg…

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A response to “We might not be certain but …” at … and Then There’s Physics

I posted a response to a comment from the blog author at the ellipsis-loving … and Then There’s Physics. The figures didn’t make it into the comment, and, so, I am reproducing the intended comment in its entirety here. ATTP, … Continue reading

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Important update on my relationship with Dana-Farber and its Jimmy Fund Walk

See an important update. No more walk. I completely misjudged them.

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It’s the technology, not the brand

Just about a year ago, our home in Westwood began a march towards zero Carbon consumption, with heating, hot water heating, and even lawn mowing all converted to high efficiency electricity. As indicated at the time, our main automobile, a … Continue reading

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Uniform sampling of a disk, and implications for sampling the Internet

Suppose you want to uniformly sample from the interior of a circle of unit radius, in other words, from a unit disk. The “gut feel” way is to pick a random angle, , in radians uniformly from 0 to , … Continue reading

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A dystopian Massachusetts, as seen by Gov Charlie Baker and ESPECIALLY Speaker Robert DeLeo

The Worcester Business Journal published a long piece about “Massachusetts banking on natural gas, renewables to replace retiring plants”. I replied with this comment. (Update, 13th May 2016: By the way, the Worcester Business Journal rejected my comment.) First, the … Continue reading

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Pale Blue Dot

Originally posted on Hypergeometric :
Compassion, yes. Love, no.

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“Same Old Same Old” (Tamino)

Originally posted on Open Mind:
Here’s temperature anomaly in the USA (yearly averages for the “lower 48”) since 1880, according to NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration): Kinda looks like it’s heating up, doesn’t it? Of course the USA isn’t…

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Advice for a young academic: imposter syndrome

Originally posted on Peter G Knight:
A great deal has been written in the last few years about so-called “imposter syndrome” – the feeling experienced by many young academics that somehow they don’t really belong in their new role as…

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Originally posted on Open Mind:
Matt Pearce wrote an article for the LA Times in which he makes it sound as though the wildfire situation in the western U.S. is no big deal. He does so by pointing out that…

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What’s Beef?

Originally posted on Open Mind: Open Mind View original post

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“Where most of us live (with apologies to southern-hemisphere readers)” [reblog of Tamino]

Originally posted on Open Mind:
Almost all of us live on land, not the ocean. And, most of us live in the northern hemisphere, not the southern. For the benefit of most of us, let’s take a closer look at…

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Purity in Disney: Tangled’s Take on Premarital Sex

Originally posted on Outgrowing and Out-learning Religion:
Image taken from Tangled’s Wikipedia page at I may be in my twenties, but I absolutely love Disney. You may be wondering where that fits into a blog about religion and politics,…

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Desperate for a “Pause”

Originally posted on Open Mind:
When it comes to temperature at Earth’s surface, with 2014 the hottest year on record and 2015 on pace to exceed even that, things are getting hot for those who deny that global warming is…

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The pending disintegration of the Larsen B Ice Shelf, Antarctica

Estimates place the disintegration of the remainder of this shelf within 10 years, after losing a chunk the size of the State of Rhode Island in 2002.

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Climate Scientist Michael Mann

Professor Michael Mann is a personal hero of mine, principally because he connected, for me, the world of time series and principal components with climate science, showing there might be some small thing I can contribute to the discussion, and … Continue reading

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(Click on image for a larger one.) See the write-up for details.

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Bayesian change-point analysis for global temperatures, 1850-2010

Professor Peter Congdon reports on two Bayesian models for global temperature shifts in his textbook, Applied Bayesian Modelling, as “Example 6.12: Global temperatures, 1850-2010”, on pages 252-253. A direct link is available online. The first is apparently original with Congdon, … Continue reading

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Shepherd skewers “climate zombie theories” …

Originally posted on Hypergeometric :
You know ’em: There’s been no warming for 15 years The Sun’s responsible CO2 is a trace gas in atmosphere and therefore can’t have anything to do with warming It’s been warmer before Climate is changing,…

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It’s the Trend, Stupid

Originally posted on Open Mind:
Both NASA and NOAA report 2014 as the hottest year on record. Despite the new #1, neither the news itself nor the response to it has surprised me. The news that last year was so…

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Recipe for a hiatus

Originally posted on Musings on Quantitative Palaeoecology:
Fake climate sceptics love the hiatus, the period since the strong El Niño in 1998 where global mean temperature has not increased according to their simplistic notions of global warming. The longer the “hiatus”,…

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