Remember …

Updated, 2018-12-51, 14:10 ET

Remember who it was that told you it would okay, just fine to continue to emit CO2 as we have been, despite over 50 years of science, scientists, from physicists, to chemists, to engineers, and biologists saying it won’t be, it can’t be.

The AAAS recounts this. So does the American Chemical Society, and do you seriously think they are going to push some agenda when their members are employed predominantly by industry? Even if you think “How can it be? go and discover.

When your wealth depletes, and your kids and grandkids suffer and even die, remember who told you it would be okay and who kept this once great country from doing something about this.

Hold them accountable. This is more important than nearly anything else.

There are people who say that climate change does not cause big disasters. I find that highly disingenuous.

Would you continue to play a card game, any game of chance, if the odds of your losing increased steadily over time, because the cards are biased or the chance device is weighted against you? That’s weather today.

Update, 2018-12-11, 17:40 ET

“There is extraordinary frustration,” a U.S. intelligence official said. The CIA and other agencies continue to devote enormous “time, energy and resources” to ensuring that accurate intelligence is delivered to Trump, the official said, but his seeming imperviousness to such material often renders “all of that a waste.”

How do people think the United States and international scientific communities feel about government and public responses to their repeated warnings?

Update, 2018-12-15, 14:10 ET

Influential people working to implement greenhouse gas mitigation continue to indulge in Magical Thinking. But, unfortunately, a modest fee on Carbon is worse than none. It needs to be stiff enough to hurt and change behavior: Beginning at a couple of hundred dollars per metric tonne CO2. Also, although it is more difficult and costly to enforce, it would be better to apply this to the consumption end that the source end. In any case, a source end increase of $200/tonne would increase the price of gasoline in the United States by about US$1.80, and natural gas by US$11/cubic foot.

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