People ask me, When you want to feel optimistic, or be optimistic, what do you do?

Updated, 1st January 2019

Simple. I bring up the latest, and listen to Professor Tony Seba of Stanford University.

I am also a devoted enthusiast for the energy programs of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, per John Farrell’s excellent work.

Update: 2019-01-01

China’s big push for solar energy:

There’s a detailed report, too.

Bloomberg New Energy Finance has estimated that as of 2017 there are US$237 billion of coal assets at risk of being stranded, and the figure is growing. The picture is unhappy in another way: There were 56 TWh of wind and solar generation curtail in 2016, awaiting interconnection of the rich renewables resources of China’s north, with its principal consumption in the southeast. Reflecting this, few if any of the coal-rich provinces of the north have been authorized to build any more power generating plants or expand and start coal mines.

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