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People ask me, When you want to feel optimistic, or be optimistic, what do you do?

Simple. I bring up the latest, and listen to Professor Tony Seba of Stanford University. I am also a devoted enthusiast for the energy programs of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, per John Farrell’s excellent work.

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Cold Massachusetts Thanksgiving powered by Massachusetts solar

Update, 2018-12-15 (Click on image to see larger figure, and use your browser Back Button to return to reading blog.) Thanksgiving in 2018 was cold, but it was also sunny. That means the 150,000 solar installations in Massachusetts could delivery … Continue reading

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Oil and Gas

What the head of the American Petroleum Institute, Frank Ikard, said in 1965.

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Love means nothing, without understanding, and action

Can’t get enough of this video. It may be a corporate, Ørsted promotion, but it is beautiful. And I continue to believe, that, as the original sense of the corporation, or benefit society suggested, contrary to (U.S.) popular progressive belief, … Continue reading

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