Greta Thunberg on the BBC : Her guest edit

Also featuring:

  • Svante Thunberg
  • Sir David Attenborough
  • Mark Carney
  • Robert Del Naja
  • Maarten Wetselaar


Svante Thunberg and Greta speaking to Sir David Attenborough for the first time. Also, outgoing Bank of England chief Mark Carney on how the financial sector can tackle climate change, Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja on reducing the music industry’s carbon blueprint, and Shell’s Maarten Wetselaar on big energy’s environmental impact.

Quoting Ms Thunberg, prompted by interviewer Mishal Husain:

MH: What would you say we should do as individuals? … What should other people do?

GT: Of course, I’m not telling anyone else that they need to stop flying or become vegan. Um, but if I were to give one advice, it would be to read up, to inform yourself about the actual science, about the situation, about what is being done and what is not being done. Because if you understand you will know what you can do yourself, and also, of course, to be an active democratic citizen, because democracy is not only on election day, it’s happening all the time. If people in general decided that this is enough, that would have to make the politicians and the people in power change their policies.

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