Professor Mark Z Jacobson on 100% zero Carbon energy, at North County Climate Change Alliance

With respect to some of the comments below the video:

Comment: thinks that 100 million $ from ExxonMobil to fund Stanford and Mark Jacobsens research weakens public trust in his research results.

Response: This report at same site shows that the assertion was incorrect or based upon misunderstandings.


Suing an academic critic isn’t only wrong, it’s also unjust – critical article written by a group of highly regarded experts, Mark jacobson singled out and sued the only author who lacks the legal backing of an institutional employer. Atmospheric scientist and Stanford professor Mark Jacobson escalated an academic dispute out of the peer-reviewed literature and into the courtroom.


Well, because the criticism in PNAS was (a) uncharacteristic of criticism of any other paper there, (b) was rammed through at the last minute without warning, (c) amounted to effectively career and character assassination, and (d) eventually got set aside by independent groups of scholars. In fact, while they were not part of the critique paper in PNAS, some critics of Jacobson, Haegel, et al (2019, see above), came over after evidence over the next couple of years proved the Jacobson team correct.

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