Texas. Wonderment.

h/t ClimateAdam.

See also:

Cohen, Judah, Xiangdong Zhang, J. Francis, T. Jung, R. Kwok, J. Overland, T. J. Ballinger et al. "Divergent consensuses on Arctic amplification influence on midlatitude severe winter weather." Nature Climate Change, 10(1), 2020: 20-29.

Ayarzagüena, Blanca, Lorenzo M. Polvani, Ulrike Langematz, Hideharu Akiyoshi, Slimane Bekki, Neal Butchart, Martin Dameris et al. "No robust evidence of future changes in major stratospheric sudden warmings: a multi-model assessment from CCMI." Atmospheric chemistry and physics 18, no. 15 (2018): 11277-11287.

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1 Response to Texas. Wonderment.

  1. Greg Robie says:

    This. Is. Brilliant.

    In couples therapy I was informed that sarcasm is repressed anger. The terapist was female. My life partner is female. Within our [blue] pantsuit nation’s PC paradigm, females are ALWAYS right (sarcasm). So, and uncritically, I accepted the assertion about the anger/sarcasm relationship (…after all, I was in therapy with a purpose: trying to make my primary social relationship work for an ‘us’).

    As a ‘slow learner’/male, I have just got around to doubting the efficacy of the therapist’s assertion. Sarcasm is more than ‘just’ repressed anger. This video is a amazing example of what else it is, or at least can be. Sarcasm is linguistic shorthand. Exponentially compacted communication. How it is utilized in the video, it visually and auditorily gobsmackingly brilliantly so!

    Made my day. Thx!


    sNAILmALEnotHAIL …but pace’n myself


    life is for learning so all my failures must mean that I’m wicked smart


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