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Comment on “Federal policy can drive the solar industry… but still may fall short”

Yuri Hurwitz posted an opinion piece at PV Magazine USA of the title in this post’s subject line. While I noted his concerns, I thought they were misplaced. And I thought he missed some other concerns which were more important. … Continue reading

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“Humanity’s final exam” : Professors Pierrehumbert and Moomaw

So, two uplifting videos for today. These are ones I watched some time ago, but I never made a semi-permanent place for them. They are important. There most certainly is a climate emergency. But it really is not that hard … Continue reading

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People opposing wind, solar, and battery placement deserve the climate disruption they will reap, without my sympathies

That was 2011. And note the opposition to putting PV on roofs, let alone putting panels on already cleared agricultural fields. Yeah, all well and good, but we’re on a clock. Whether or not the climate system will wait for … Continue reading

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Codium fragile for 27 June 2021, or 2021J178

Dr Rob Young, Center for the Study of Developed Shorelines: Mr Elon Musk in three presentations and two interviews:

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