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“Humanity’s final exam” : Professors Pierrehumbert and Moomaw

So, two uplifting videos for today. These are ones I watched some time ago, but I never made a semi-permanent place for them. They are important. There most certainly is a climate emergency. But it really is not that hard … Continue reading

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Greta Thunberg, in July 2021

(The above was changed from the YouTube video on 3rd July 2021 because the YouTube video was cracked or altered to switch to an Austrian leader or politician speaking nonsense instead of the last part of Ms Thunberg’s address.) (And … Continue reading

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CFTC and Climate: “We have to slam on the brakes”

To that end, in 2019 the U. S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) formed the Climate-Related Market Risk Subcommittee, and tasked it with producing a report to consider what climate-related risks might be; examine whether adequate information about climate risks … Continue reading

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The New Republic claims climate change mitigation measures are doomed without Brazil

See the article. And then realize it is completely untrue. A lot of progress can be made whether or not Brazil plays along. This is yet another example of a claim which sounds plausible, but which is quantitatively wrong. Now, … Continue reading

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Carbon Dioxide reaches levels not recorded in 4 million years. Connecticut Republicans are guilty of child abuse.

And Connecticut Republican Senate Major Leader Kevin Kelly, anytime anyone emits any greenhouse gas, they land a punch in the face of some grandchild alive today. They do that by burning those gallons of gasoline whose price you so want … Continue reading

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‘It begins with attitude’, and about an understated victory

Bill Nye’s Climate Meltdown, introducing Professor Mark Z Jacobson of Stanford University. And Climate Adam reviews a climate action breakthrough:

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“… [W]e need to address the climate crisis at the pace and scale it demands.”

“Dear President Biden, “We, the undersigned businesses and investors with a major presence in the U.S., applaud your administration’s demonstrated commitment to address climate change head-on, and we stand in support of your efforts. “Millions of Americans are already feeling … Continue reading

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Bryophyta and the Importance of Sphagnum for the Carbon Cycle

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