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Welcome to snowy New England … Bad place for solar PV, right?

And this is ISO-NE, who, as little as three years back were highly sceptical anything other than additional natural gas generation could supply the ever increasing electrical power needs of the region, particularly with the withdrawal of generation from oil, … Continue reading

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One of the happiest two hours I’ve spent in months: A Professor Tony Seba update

From end of 2018: from alianza FiiDEMAC. And, indeed, it was one of the most uplifting two hours I’ve recently spent. I have long been an admirer of Professor Tony Seba. I have read his books. This was an update … Continue reading

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Codium fragile, for 5th December 2018

Less frequent than I originally intended, but here’s today’s: C. Wienberg, “Shipping Giant Maersk Aims for Zero Net Carbon Emissions by 2050“, today J. Pyper, “Xcel Energy Commits to 100% Carbon-Free Electricity by 2050>“, today J. A. Dlouhy, “The Trump … Continue reading

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