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Erin Gallagher’s “#QAnon network visualizations”

See her most excellent blog post, a delve into true Data Science. (Click on figure to see a full-size image. It is large. Use your browser Back Button to return to this blog afterwards.) Hat tip to Bob Calder and … Continue reading

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“Hadoop is NOT ‘Big Data’ is NOT Analytics”

Arun Krishnan, CEO & Founder at  Analytical Sciences comments on this serious problem with the field. Short excerpt: … A person who is able to write code using Hadoop and the associated frameworks is not necessarily someone who can understand … Continue reading

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8:00 a.m. mashup, the exploding pipeline edition

Quite a week, broadly defining “week”. It began with a vibrant demonstration in West Roxbury against the West Roxbury Lateral. Why? Generally speaking, fixing a problem with leaks in a local distribution system by over-pressurizing it is a bad idea. … Continue reading

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