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Dr Glen Peters on “Stylised pathways to `well below 2°C”’, and some solutions from Dr Steven Chu (but it’s late!)

Stylized pathways to “well below 2°C” Dr Peters has also written about “Can we really limit global warming to `well below’ two degrees centigrade?” An excerpt and abstract: Commentary: Yes, but only in a model. We have essentially emitted too … Continue reading

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490+ ppm CO2e

Former Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu at Climate One in 2016. We’ve made progress, but it is nowhere near fast enough. The internal combustion engine is on life support. Fossil fuel energy sources and companies are stranded assets and dead … Continue reading

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Saving the World: Jacobson, Chu, with DiCaprio, at Stanford

(The above video is intended to start at time second 2051 or at 34 minutes. WordPress is sometimes funny about that. Apologies if not.)

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