World Ocean Radio

I sometimes wish my UU community would understand the following:

We are not living in reality; if so, we would not enable delusion. We are not being practical; if so, we would assure that our needs would be sustained for generations. We are not being smart; if so, we would apply our intelligence to long-term means over short-term ends. We are not even thinking about ourselves and the ones we love; if so, we would know that our own future is at risk if we do not change our behavior.

~ From World Ocean Radio’s 250th Episode:  The Sea Connects All Things

They don’t, because they value people and each other higher than all other sentient beings in the universe. People are no more or less important than a dolphin, an ecosystem. Perhaps that is heresy, but So Be It.

It is tiring to hear people relegating to a deity or a “higher power” that responsibility which is truly just theirs. Cop out.

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