Wind and Solar are Cheaper than Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Right Now

… and that’s based upon levelized cost of energy, without subsidies!

See a summary of Lazard’s report, the key chart below:
(Click on image to see a larger version. Click on your browser’s Back button to return to blog.)

the full report, and another good summary from The Economist.

Update, 2016-01-05

Only thing further I’d say about this and evaluations like it, is that they don’t reflect the benefit of residential solar PV being put in with capital that’s been raised and paid for by entities other than utilities, or society. Sure, these are often subsidized with tax breaks and I see these less as incentives for installing residential solar and more as a reward for people to put their capital at risk to provide a social benefit, whether that’s excess electrons generated for society’s use, or load that’s been shed onto a local generator.

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