93% of year is free of cost, with heat, cooling, hot water, powered by free solar PHOTONS

A retrospective, something we all now need. Remember:

Well, today, we reached a landmark with our 10 kW solar array. The numbers aren’t completely in yet (*), since we don’t have a total for electrical energy consumption, but 93% of the days this year were powered by the energy generated by our 10 kW rooftop solar installation consisting of SunPower panels installed by RevoluSun.

This, admittedly, involves using the facilities of Eversource as a big energy storage facility, via net metering. It’s possible that, in the future, that role will be provided by someone or something else.

In addition, our nearly 10 MWh of generation this year will produce nearly 10 SRECs, which earn, per the Renewable Portfolio Standard incentives, an additional $2600 of income.

And, note, we are heating, cooling, and heating hot water all with high efficiency zero Carbon energy.

The additional 25 days or overage of energy we take comes from wind farms, by our choice, and paying a premium above the base rate from Eversource.

Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

And, yeah, we’re crazy about doin’ this. It’s awesome.

Beat that, fossil fuels.

You don’t need a Carbon Tax to be incentivized to do this. This is profitable right here and now. And this is snowy, cold Massachusetts. Think of what an Oklahoma could do?

(*) I will update these results in a later post when we have the full year’s energy needs complete.

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