“The Unchained Goddess”, Bell Science Hour, 1958

A tad nostalgic, for the day where humanity could have stopped a bunch of harm from climate change. Also, although from a STEM perspective, the entire show is worthwhile, only the last seven minutes are pertinent to climate change. Moreover, they address it in a flippant kind of way. I’d say this is not a definitive presentation.

Still, collectively, maybe we deserve what’s going to happen, even if those most responsible are likely to dodge the harm of the early repercussions. But, eventually, they or their children or their grandchildren will feel the full wrath of their poor choices.

The physical, material world does not read or believe in that misleading, pathetic thing, called the Bible.

Yeah, I’m an atheist. Better (or worse?), a physical materialist and a humanist. And all I’ve learned and been taught about Christianity suggests to me it is a fundamental charade. Buddhism is better, but it has its problems.

But I mostly abhor the sense of domination people have had over other species, something I think is at root representative of all that is ill with humanity, in its ignorance of its tiny place in the Universe. If want to hear more of that perspective, I advise Carl Sagan’s dramatic, narrated video.

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